Employee of the Month June 2018


Edmen CSS: Employees of the Month | June 2018

16 July, 2018

Edmen CSS: Employees of the Month | June 2018

NSW - Anne Kiruinne 

We would like to Congratulate Anne as NSW employee of the month! We appreciate Anne’s ongoing commitment and support she provide our clients Thank you Anne, Well Done.

WA & NT - Nyater Duach

We would like to congratulate Nyater as our Northern Territory employee of the month. Nyater works for our clients in Alice Springs. Nyater give 100%, always answering her phone & returning calls Nyater has a high level of commitment, always puts the clients before herself. Thank you Nyater we appreciate all your hard work.

SA - Tracey Rann 

I would like to congratulate Tracey Rann on being our South Australian employee of the month. Tracey’s hard work and dedication in supporting our customers is wonderful as she Is very customer focused. Due to her hard work and commitment she is now part of the core team in the services she works across. Tracey is thought of very highly by her co-worker’s both Edmen staff, permanent staff and also the coordinators in the Edmen office. She is very adaptable and is always happy to help out with extra shifts and changes when required due to our customers changing needs. Congratulations Tracey keep up the great work.

QLD - Karen Appleton

Karen Appleton has been with Edmen for nearly 6 months, supporting people around the Rockhampton area. Karen is always contactable, proactive in her work and always willing to help out. Karen will give anything a go and always puts in 110%. This has resulted in some fantastic work achievements and personal accomplishments. Her wicked sense of humour and friendly personality always puts a smile on our faces, and it’s such a pleasure to speak with her. At Edmen, our key purpose is “to be and deliver WOW” and that is exactly what Karen does.