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Skills & Aptitude Assessments

Testing is a vital component of all professional recruitment. Many companies are becoming more aware of the value added component that aptitude, attitude and skills assessment brings to the recruitment and selection of staff. The more comprehensive and selective of staff. The more comprehensive and selective the recruitment and selection process is, the more immediate and real cost benefits the workplace enjoys. Right choices generate right results.

DMW offers a range of skills and psychometric testing providing you with invaluable informatin in regards to a current or potential employee. Our range of assessment tools incorporates a cross section of skills and ability tests listed below.

SHL Testing

DMW is accredited to administer and interpret a range of SHL testing instruments. SHL provides a range of ability based tests (verbal, numerical, logical reasoning ect) and the test results are reported against reasonably similar test populations.


The OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire) instrument has become a widely proclaimed test that evalutes an individual across 32 work related behavioural factors. The results are then massaged and interpreted to draw conclusions about how an individual will prefer to perfomr and behave in the workplace.

Motivational Questionnaire (MQ)

The MQ evaluates and individual from the perspective of workplace factors identified by the individual as motivators or de-motivators. These insights can be considered against organisational factors such as, environment, culture and internal dynamics to assess aspects of 'fit to role' and to the organisation.

Morrisby Profile

DMW is accredited to administer and interpret the Morrisby Profile, an instrument used to evalaute a range of work related abilities and to place those abilities into a vocational or occupational context. The profile also gives insights into some behavioural aspects of an individual's performance and relationships in a work environment. The Morriscy Profile test session requires a dedicated three and a half hours of candidate time and reports can usually be availbale within 48 hours.

Software and Administration Tests

DMW are also able to test individuals in the Microsoft Office Suite, typing speed and accuracy tests, data entry speed and accuracy, receptionist skills, secretarial skills and more.

Skills & Aptitude Assessments