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Edmen has been successfully providing Disability Support Staff for over 10 years to support people with a range of disparate needs in various support service models. Edmen on-hires trained and experienced Disability Support staff on a 24 hours per day, 365 days per year basis to a wide range of Disability Service providers throughout Australia.

Edmen's quality of support for people with disabilities has been the basis of long term partnerships being developed with some of the largest Disability Service organisations in Australia.

We are committed to ensure people with disabilities are valued and lead independent lives. Our staffing solutions are proven to support people with disabilities to gain skills to participate and integrate with community life.

Our Disability Services Facts

Edmen has been successfully providing specialist staffing solutions to the Disability Services sector for a vast range of service providers for greater than 10 years. Some key servicing facts are:

  • Provision of Disability Support staff to some of the largest government and non government Disability Service providers in Australia.
  • Large workforce of skilled and experienced Disability Support Staff.
  • Service a large number of Disability Service sites covering a broad range of service models including accommodation, community participation, in-home, day programs, business services and respite services.
  • Our Disability Support workforce provides services to many people with disparate needs.
  • Edmen Disability Support workforce is industry qualified.

Our Disability Support Workforce

Edmen has a growing workforce of qualified and experienced Disability Support Staff providing support to people across Australia. Edmen invests substantially in the assessment and development of our workforce to enable consistent and quality service delivery to all Disability Service providers.

Our Disability Support workforce undertake a range of comprehensive assessment programs to ensure they acquire the skills, knowledge and expertise required to safely and sensitively support people with a very wide range of support needs. Some key aspects of our qualified and experienced Disability Support workforce include:

  • Staff is experienced in supporting people with a vast range of disabilities within Accommodation, Respite, Community Access and many other service models.
  • Rigorous recruitment and selection process for all Disability Support Workers.
  • Workforce undertake comprehensive assessment centres. 
  • Extensive assessment and development programs for Disability Support Workforce.
  • Staff performance management systems and appraisals process.

Disability Sector