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Aged Care Sector


Edmen provides specialist staff to a vast range of service providers in the Aged Care Services Sector.

Our client focused service provision, social responsibility and commitment to deliver superior care for people has been the basis of long term partnerships being developed with some of the largest Aged Care Service organisations in Australia.

At Edmen, we are committed and passionate about providing the best possible care and support to the people, their families, and organisations who entrust our staff to assist them in their daily lives. To this end we are committed to providing support to people where and when they need it, with the aim of assisting the individual to live as independent a life as is possible, within their own home, and within their own community.

Our operating practices are aligned to the National Home and Community Care Standards and we are committed to ensuring all our service delivery reflects the requirements of the Standards.

Our Aged Care Staffing Solutions

Edmen's qualified and experienced workforce consists of:

  • Care Service Employees

Aged Care Sector