Edmen Workforce: Meet the Team - Sharna

22 March, 2017

Introducing our Meet the Team series for Edmen Workforce which will give insight into our team and their roles. To kick us off we have interviewed Sharna who is Consultant Support within the Edmen Workforce team.

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Edmen CSS: Bedford Big BBQ

17 February, 2017

Dyllan (Edmen Service Delivery Manager) and Susan (Edmen Service Coordinator) celebrating with the Bedford Group Management team at the Annual Bedford Big BBQ in South Australia!

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Expect A Star: Edfest - Early Childhood Teachers Expo

15 February, 2017

Today Pru and Lisa were out and about at the Western Sydney University's annual teaching careers expo - Edfest.. on the look out for potential Early Childhood Teachers!

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Edmen CSS: Recruitment Coordinator (Get to know us part 2)

20 January, 2017

In our "get to know us" series, here is an interview from one of our Recruitment Coordinators, Scott, who gives a look into Edmen's WOW culture and his role in the Edmen CSS Recruitment Team.

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Edmen CSS: Edmen HQ (Get to know us part 1)

9 January, 2017

To kick off 2017 we are launching a series of videos that give insight into Edmen Group's WOW culture, team and values. The first in the series showcases Edmen Headquarters home in Wollongong - the base for Edmen Community Staffing Solutions national recruitment and workforce management initiatives

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Edmen CSS: Recruiting Far and Wide

21 December, 2016

At Edmen Community Staffing Solutions, we travel far and wide throughout Australia to recruit Disability, Youth and Aged Care Support Workers. Here is an insight into a day of one of our Recruitment Coordinators, Daniel, who visited Alice Springs earlier this month.

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